Vodka Or Chicken Sukka: Check Out These 5 Offbeat Pani Puris To Switch Things Up

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Pani puri is everyone’s favourite street food snack — you can find a vendor on every corner, and in almost any sweets shop across the city. While some spots are better than others in terms of freshness, it can get a bit boring to slurp on the same old tamarind and green chutney flavour all the time. If that’s the case, check out our list of strange and unusual pani puris you can have in Bangalore. Sure some of them may make you rethink your love for this street food, but there is nothing wrong with living life on the edge sometimes!

Vodka Pani Puri - Punjabi By Nature

Available in four flavours {pepper, tamarind, jaljeera and ampanna}, this version is perfect as a dinner pre-drink before heading out. While it’s not too potent, you still get that vodka burn. This definitely isn’t something that’ll bore you, and it’s perfect for a Friday night! Our personal favourite is the jaljeera flavour — definitely a wicked twist to this old classic.

Coconut Water Pani Puri - Thengu Mane

A must-visit for all coconut lovers, Thengu Mane takes it one step forward by introducing this unique coconut water pani puri, laced with the traditional flavour we all know and love. Even the puris are fried in coconut oil! While it lacks the typical punch carried by the traditional versions, we can still appreciate it for how different it is!

Chicken Sukka Pani Puri - Hammered

Hammered’s spin on golgappa is one of our favourites! The succulent {and spicy} chicken pairs up perfectly with the tangy taste of the tamarind water, leaving our mouths watering and our tastebuds tingling. Bring on piles of it!

Soupy Minced Meat Pani Puri - Regulars

This delicious golgappa comes in two kinds: minced beef or chicken, marinated in an array of Indian spices like jeera and cumin, and soaked in a mutton broth before being served. It’s a pretty filling and hearty snack — almost like an Indian soup dim sum!

Suji Pani Puri - Chaatimes/Anand Sweets

This one’s a North Indian classic, and it’s also a personal favourite! Although it’s made from rava, it’s super tasty {and healthy}, and has a lovely textured semolina crunch.


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