Sunshine, Rainbows & Everything Nice: Get It All Embroidered On To Your Clothes & Accesories

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What Makes It Awesome

The beauty is in the small things and Oka is beautifully capturing that through their embroidered products. Making everything handmade, they will customise it to the T. Based out of Bangalore, the mother-daughter duo behind Oka works mostly with apparel. So how it works is that they make embroidery patches. These are then attached to apparel (be it a cute shirt dress or a denim jacket) that you can buy. They have these ready to buy, but you can order plain patches with a design of your choice and you can do what you want with these. They also make keychains, zodiac neckpieces, and we spotted cute teabag bookmarks too! 

What we absolutely love is the fact that once you place an order, they will get to know you, and add details. If you’re looking for fabric patches for clothing you own, then feel free to describe to them the outfit and the level of detail and whimsy you want and they’ll deliver. Working with thread and paint to an extent, the possibilities and pops of colour are all up to you! Pricing depends on level and size of detailing. 

Considering current times, they are making custom cloth face masks too, elastic and not tie-ups though. Feel free to ask them for an existing design (Indigo dyed, cheery bright colours, and ones with stripes and checks too), or fill out their google form where they’ll ask you questions (gender, hobbies, and occupation mostly) and surprise you with a design! To place an order, DM on Instagram or Facebook.


Pricing of everything depends on level and size of detailing. 


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