Roshni posted on 23rd December

Cheap And Cheerful: Old School Pubs In Koramangala

From microbreweries and themed pubs to music bars and swanky watering holes, Koramangala sure has it all. But, long before they came into the picture, the hood was buzzing with quite a few old-school pubs. Whether it’s for the pocket-friendly beer and nibbles or for the great music they play, these were the go-to options for many. And going by the crowds these spots still draw, they will probably retain their place among our favourites, for a long time to come. LBB goes on an old-fashioned pub trail in Koramangala. Hop on and get guzzling!

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The Jukebox

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Purple Haze

Jimi's Beer Cafe

With its rock ‘n’ roll vibes, loud music {rock lovers, you might be tempted to sing along} and budget-friendly food and drinks, Jimi’s is perfect when you want to spend an evening catching up with friends over a pitcher of beer and nibbles. And when there’s match screenings, pool tables and week-long happy hour offers on the cards, we really couldn’t ask for more.

Purple Haze

From the same folks as Jimi’s Beer Cafe, Purple Haze is probably one of the oldest pubs in the city {it has been around for more than 15 years}. You’re seeing the love for Jimi Hendrix with this chain of pubs, yea? With classic and contemporary rock music {did we mention, loud?} playing all through the day, this isn’t where you’d go if a long conversation with friends is what you have in mind. Apart from rock enthusiasts, the place draws a stream of regulars, owing to their great drinking deals {happy hours throughout the week guys!} and pub grub which includes everything from biryanis to pastas and burgers.

Filling Station

Whether it is for a quick drink after work or to make most of a Sunday with your gang, this watering hole is probably one of your best bets, if you’re in Koramangala. Right from the decor to the drinks menu, Filling Station keeps it simple and old-fashioned. What the place lacks in ambience, it more than makes up for with pocket-friendly food and booze {nothing too fancy, we must add}.

The Jukebox

When you have a restobar that has stood the test of time {and taste, might we add} for over 23 years, there’s really no place for second thoughts. Then, of course, there’s the lure of a mug of beer at INR 75, a selection of great food {including Parsi specials like Dhansak and Patrani Machhi} and music to match the retro mood of the place. Records, posters, musical instruments and a jukebox {obviously!} find their way into the decor here, adding to the laidback feels.


An iconic landmark and the go-to place of many {especially towards the end of the month}, Sathya’s is great when you want to hang out with friends and down a few drinks without running up a huge bill. And with quite an array of starters and snacks to choose from too! Already planning the next catch up. are we?


Upbeat and loud music, happy hours, comfy seating, lively ambience — we might never run out of reasons why we love Enigma for a good ole night out. When there’s plenty of short eats to go with your tipple, right from classic French Fries to burgers and kebabs, all at reasonable prices, we wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up spending the entire day here. We’ll probably be the table beside you!

Fill N Chill

Want to give the snazzy pubs and breweries a break? Look no further than Fill N Chill to…well, fill up and chill! The regulars here include everyone from college students and working professionals to just someone looking to sit back with a drink and some pub grub. Pick from the drinks menu at this budget bar and pair it up with their range of Indian and Chinese dishes, and you’ve got yourself a great time. Now you know where Netflix really gets their tagline from.