Om Collections - Where Branded Meets The Affordable

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What Makes It Awesome?

Vero Moda, Elle, H&M, Melange, Channel 9, and many more brands all available between 500 to 1000Rs. Yes, you heard that right.

Om collection is located in parts of the city where garment factories and garment work happens. Essentially these are the clothes that do not make it to the shelves of the above-mentioned brands, for reasons as small as mismatched buttons, or one less bead and so on.

However, the clothes are still of high quality and very much useable. That's how these clothes become affordable, and available to us at standards at par with these brands. You would also be reducing cloth waste because otherwise, these clothes would be going to the dump, and there is enough waste there already.

I love the variety this place has. On one side you have Kurtis(and girls must I add, many come with pockets), to tops for jeans and dresses-short, long, extra long. Inclusive Sizes ranging from XS to XXXL even, are available.

Whether you are looking for traditional, contemporary or decent kurtas for college, they have options for all. Jeans, leggings, workout clothes, lingerie, shoes, the list is never-ending.
Especially girls looking for sports bras or Lacy/padded lingerie, their line of lingerie is a boon! And they range from 199 Rs onwards.

They also have a range of shoes, chappals, heels and sandals for all foot sizes - Whether you want boots for a date, flip flops for home, or a chic pair of heels.

Men, worry not they have options for you as well. From formal shirts to t-shirts with collar and without, they have nice options.
What about the kids you ask? They have clothes for babies and kids as well, on the ground floor. If you don't have kids, seeing the cute options, you would want to have kids.

Every now and then they also get some sarees that you can use for daily wear. They have a trial room but have a no return, no exchange policy. They accept, cash and card. They have some home items like blankets, bags(made of jute), handbags, towels etc.

Once you start shopping here, there is no other place you would want to shop at.

What Could Be Better?

They are currently only located in South of Bangalore in Hongasandara, Banashankari etc.
They could have more lingerie options that are not fancy.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

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