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Fatty Bao Sources Its Juicy Soft Shell Crabs From This Online Vendor And So Can You

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What Makes It Awesome

Can’t get enough of soft shell crabs? Well, residents from in and around Sarjapur and Kalyan Nagar can shoot Omega Fresh Seafood a mail, to have fresh crabs dropped off at their doorstep. For the rest of us, there’s Licious, who will do the legwork.

Not exactly sure what soft shell crabs are? So, when crabs grow they tend to shed their shells to make way for new and bigger ones. During this stage, the crab is left only with a soft exterior and when harvested its entirely edible and are really tender and juicy – this is a soft shell crab. For long soft shell crabs weren’t really available in Indian markets. But Vasudev Varma, the owner of Omega Fresh Seafood, has worked hard to changed that.

Varma’s father had set up an aquaculture farm in their home town in Andhra Pradesh a couple of decades earlier. It was business as usual until Vasudev Varma visited Thailand a few years ago and tasted his first soft shell crab. On his return, Varma got to work and began the process of harvesting these crabs. It has taken him two years of toil that have included a fair share of setbacks. But now, Omega, if chefs around India are to be believed, produces the best soft shell crabs in the country. Plus, they are available all year long.


Omega is ready to supply to seafood lovers in and around Sarjapur and Kalyan Nagar in Bangalore. You’ll have to order a minimum of 2 kilos (15-17 pieces) by either sending them a mail or dropping them a line on Instagram. Once they’ve received your requirements, they’ll dispatch your delivery in the next 24 hours. The rest of the city need not fret too. In a week’s time or so, Licious is all set to launch marinades using crabs from Omega. Since soft shell crabs can be tricky to cook, these marinades should do most of the hard work for you. Plus, you can have them delivered to your home in just about 90 minutes or so.