Express Wedding Dressing: All You Need Is A Saree And One Minute Uma, To Get Draped In 60 Seconds

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Always thought wearing a saree was cumbersome and time-consuming? Beautician Uma’s one-minute draping skills might just make you change your mind. #sareenotsorry

Six Yards In 60 Seconds

While most of us love the beauty and elegance of the saree, we are all too familiar with how difficult it can be to get it draped right with those perfect pleats, especially when you’re running low on time. And, that’s where KS Uma Jayakumar can come to your rescue. A city-based beautician who specialises in bridal makeup, she is popularly known as One Minute Uma for her skill in draping a saree within 60 seconds {no kidding, we promise!}.

One Minute Magic

Following her childhood fascination for the different hairstyles her mother would try on the little ones in the family, Uma chose the field of beauty and makeup when she decided to do something on her own. Thus began her beauty parlour, Classique Beauty Lines, almost 30 years ago. Given her dexterity, enthusiasm and speed, mastering the skill of one-minute saree draping {even with the most difficult of fabrics apparently} or completing a session of bridal makeup within ten minutes came quite naturally to Uma. We must confess, watching her at work — handling the flowy saree, folding up the pleats in probably microseconds and achieving the perfect finish, left us gawking.

In Record Time

She has entered the Limca Book of Records multiple times for her talented feats — hairstyling in less than a minute, makeup and saree draping in 32.38 seconds, 16 sessions of non-stop bridal makeup within half an hour, and more. Apart from bridal makeup and the usual parlour services {everything from threading to pedicures}, she also runs a training institute for aspiring beauticians and conducts workshops and seminars {for those who want to be saree experts themselves}. So, next time we are in a dilemma over wearing the six yards, we definitely know where to turn to.


Don’t believe us? Then check out YouTube videos to see her prowess.

Price: INR 1,500 upwards {for makeup and saree draping}, INR 6,000 for bridal makeup and services {including free trial}, INR 30 upwards for parlour services


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