Melange Welcomes You To A Unique Buffet Experience!

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What Makes It Awesome?

We visited none other than the best of Bengaluru. Melange at Radisson. While the ambience is no doubt the best in its class, the food was so much above excellence. Let's take you through it completely. Located on the outer ring road in Marathalli, melange welcomes you to a unique buffet experience. The place has valet parking. The buffet here is unique, especially because, it's not just a buffet, it's a brunch, it's not just a brunch, it's bingo brunch. That's right bingo brunch is its speciality.

You enter and there are 4 options, veg, veg+ alcohol, nonveg, nonveg + alcohol. Pick one, and that'll be your course. The whole spread has around 70+ dishes and with two live counters.

The first live counter is of Chats and Appam while the second live counter is of the Pizza. The spread starts with the bar, you have lots and lots of options, from Cocktails to different Mocktails, Smoothies, Milkshakes and even Ice Gola.

Once you sip in that, the next thing you'll see is the Salad counter. Name the salad and it's all present, from raw meat to raw vegetables, you can find it all. The next spread is of Sushi and Prawns, followed by the starters and pizza. Finally, to end you have the main course and the desserts.

While every single counter is huge, desserts took away our heart. We had never seen such a huge spread of desserts. There were more than 15 items including tender coconut ice-cream and more. The spread overall is awesome. But the best part is when you get your food and sit down at your table, the much-awaited bingo starts. Each person is given with the bingo scratch card and a pencil. Random numbers are picked and in case you win with a full house, the prize is insane.

You get a one night stay free at Radisson. Such amazing is the prize and the event was soo grasping. We were almost about to win. So yes bingo brunch is the main highlight of this place.

Food was excellent. The Paneer was a little hard, however, the taste was good. Biryani was excellent. The desserts were fantabulous! Perfect mocktails, highly recommended!

Overall, a fun-filled, never before bingo brunch experience at a five-star hotel. Head over here today!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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