Satiate Your Sweet Tooth Cravings With These Delicious Cake Jars!

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Cravings for dessert? Well, LayerBite has got you covered. Their jar dropping list of dessert that is quite innovative and is made inside the jar, will surely make you confused. After scratching my head for an hour, I ordered Red velvet cake jar - moist, red velvet layers are sponge layered with creme frosting on it.

* Ferrero rocher jar cake with a little dark chocolate mousse topped with creme white chocolate topped with Ferrero rocher chocolate & chocolaty spongy based is intensively delicious.
* Pineapple jar cake - tripped layer jar loaded with a lot of deliciousness, topped with pineapple and I enjoyed every bite of it.

Overall my experience was delightful and I enjoyed every bite of it.

I recommend pineapple jar cake, Ferrero rocher chocolate jar cake and red velvet jar cake.

Do order now and you will absolutely love it.

Plus you get to keep this lovely little jars.

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