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    Town Essentials Wins For Seasonal Veggies, Piquant Chutneys And Many Kinds Of Millets

    Thanmayi posted on 24 February


    Town Essentials is your one-stop online shop for all things grocery. Plus, they also win brownies points for stocking seasonal produce, freshly made sauces, chutneys and doughs and also a big inventory of millets.

    Who Is It For?

    For those who don’t have time to shop, who are on the look out for fresh produce, and some regional as well as healthy options, all delivered to your doorstep. 

    Must Try

    They specialise in seasonal vegetables and fruits. So expect mustard greens or sarson ka saag, tuvar beans and avarekai during winters. Town Essentials also makes basic pasta sauces, upma, bisibele bath mixes, and offer plenty of gluten-free and healthier options such as broken wheat, millets and other grains, along with rice. We love their flaxseed chutney which taste awesome with idlis. They also stock all kinds of millets, but you have to buy 1 kg minimum. Their ghee is very nice and not expensive at all. They also have an organic section dedicated to vegetables and fruits. I have also spotted fresh doughs for chapati, missi roti and half cooked naans, which you can make at home.

    How Was Your Experience?

    As you shop on Town Essentials, you get Towness Points. And there is an entire section of ingredients you can apply those points to and get something of your choice for free. The inventory in this section is quite big and you can utilise all your points. They also specialise in health mixes {something like a ragi malt, but with different grains} and some of their vegetables come under a tender or regular tag, depending on how you want to cook them. Your orders will arrive in cloth bags for which they charge an extra INR 3.If you return it to them, then your money gets refunded or adjusted to the bill.  


    When Town essentials delivers your orders, you can check everything and if you don’t like something, then you have the choice of returning it to them. They also rate the freshness and quality of produce on their site, so that you can pick up the right vegetables and fruits.

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