6 Online Libraries For When You're Too Lazy To Go To The Library

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Whatever your reason: whether you want to avoid humans, or you're just too lazy to visit an actual library, online libraries can be quite the lifesavers. And so, we've created a list of all our favourite online libraries in the city. Time to kick back, read and relax, we say!


Looking for a children’s library that offers a user app for book selection? Then BookGuru is the perfect choice for your young reader. BookGuru also offers unique personalised plans that include reading level assessment, personalised book recommendations, book based comprehension quizzes and reading progress analytics. Oh and that’s not all, BookGuru even has an exclusive book club and a fun rewards program to give your child enough incentive to never put a book down. 

Their membership plans start at just INR 249 per month. So what’s stopping you from surrounding your child with adventures and stories from around the world? Visit their website, Facebook or Instagram to know more.


With over a million books to choose from and free delivery based on a wishlist system, JustBooks is one of the most reliable online libraries. They have subscription plans that start at a minimum of two books. JustBooks also has physical stores across the country, by the way.


Since it's a pan-India service, DoorstepBooks does both pick-up and delivery through a third-party courier service. So, make sure that you're at home on the day of pick up and delivery! They have plans that start from INR 660 for 2 books a month.


Nool has their own library in Kaggadasapura. But since you're here to look for online services, we'll have you know that they have a policy of one free delivery per week. Plus, there are no late fees (phew!). Keep in mind, though, that if you've borrowed a book for longer than a month, the librarian might request you to return it to give a fair chance for the other waiting members.

Our Story Library

Want to introduce your niece or nephew to the magical world of reading? Go for Our Story Shelf. Their membership plans start from as low as INR 500 for a month (for 2 books). The best part? These plans also include storytelling sessions on 2 Fridays for the month!


As one of the more popular online lending libraries, Librarywala has been the saviour of many an indolent bookworm. Their subscription plans come in monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly options, starting from INR 500. Plus, you'll find books here that cross genres and even languages.