These Stationery Brands Will Give You 100% MINISO Vibe

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We love Miniso not just for its collection of quirky, minimalist and cute looking stationery products but also for a super affordable range of products that deliver top notch quality. You get it all, from pens, journals, notebooks, to paper clips and stickers. What's even better is that their range appeals to all age brackets, kids or adults. But here's a thought, why limit your horizon to one brand and its range of products when LBB enables you to scout through many similar brands that boast of same quality if not better? Many Miniso-esque brands >> one Miniso, right?

Here are a few brands that do Miniso-like stationery brands that you will want to have. 



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This brand does products that are more the sort of gifts than stationery but do classify as the latter and that's why we love them. You need to check out the brand's A4 sheets, birthday cards, envelopes and pastel notes apart from the usual planners. Here, you won't have your senses overwhelmed by overly artsy designs but more by good puns, quirky prints and minimal designs. If you're a fan of witty wordplay and fun themes, this one's for you. 

ELT - Exciting Little Things

If your love for stationery as profound as ours, this brand is for you. Much like Miniso's animated notebooks that have those cool covers, these guys at ELT - Exciting Little Things sell notebooks, cards, journals and other pretty and exciting things. With what we call knick-knacks for the desks, you need to check out their doodle lines notebooks, planners, to-do lists and message cards. Their pastel toned stationery and smart design is again something we loved. These are also affordable with prices hovering around INR 200.

Good Stuff Co

Good Stuff Co.

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Elders have always said, spend wise. We at LBB tweak that phrase up a bit and ask you to s-pen-d wise (see what I did there #383838838) with this brand's pens that have the finest quality metal and ABS build. These pens are made from German and Swiss technologies and the thickness of these is just fine to make sure even your scribbles end up neat (don't take our word completely though). You get these plain solid pens in blue, black and red, ideal for channeling your inner Wordsworth.

The Sagez

The Sagez

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Stationery is good but eco-friendly is better. This brand does some super cool plantable seed colour pencils and pens that will remind you of all those coloured pens lined up across the decks in the Miniso showroom. Use the pens and then plant trees and saplings attached on the end of those pens/pencils. They even sell bookmarks that are rough, sustainable and user-friendly. Moreover, you have a nice story to narrate... "guys, my green colour pencil is now a ladyfinger." 

Seedhi Jalebi

Seedhi Jalebi

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Take the days back to when you were a kid. We're sure, or atleast we're hoping that you had a love affair with stickers that you would put up everywhere, be it your notebook or pencil box. Disney characters, cars, bikes and golden stars for all good deeds done were what one lived for. However, if the love hasn't ebbed, check out these magnetic bookmarks from Seedhi Jalebi that have comical characters, animals, bikes and even random superheroes printed on them. Stickers are cool but here's something that is new and different. 

Paper Planning and More

An online only store, you will fall in love with the brand's washi tapes, similar to those sold in Miniso but with a much bigger range. The prints on the tapes include artsy stuff, like books, nature and random aesthetic designs. Their wide collection of notebooks includes notebooks, bullet journals, wooden stamps, stickers (which are also customisable), seals, planner accessories and writing instruments. We could add without a shadow of doubt that stationery here is a serious affair after going through their range of products.


Love Miniso's beauty section? You MUST check this out then! 


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