Comedian Shunky Chugani Tells You Where To Catch The Best Open Mic Nights In Bangalore

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You’ve watched YouTube clips of some of the funniest comics in the country; as a comic myself, I can assure you that the few minutes of hilarity you experience, is a result of the same joke not landing and receiving no laughs, a dozen times prior, at open mics the city. If you want to see how a joke evolves into becoming one of your favourites or see how someone becomes part of your late night YouTube playlist, you should drop by an open mic near you. You’re likely to catch the next big star in the making.

Urban Solace

Supporting upcoming stand-up comics for over 6 years, Urban Solace has given some of the names in comedy today the platform to hone their craft in times when no one knew who they were. Come Wednesday, comics gather and wait for their turn. With a warm smile, Perry Menzies has been out welcoming new comics when older ones move out to venture into bigger avenues.

When: Wednesdays

Timings: 8pm onwards

Jagriti Theatre

No introductions required to Jagriti, a dedicated space for the performance arts. Here’s a fun fact about them: they were the first performance venue in the city that supported stand up comedy shows before any other performance space came on board. Every Saturday, at the Jagriti Open Mic, comics get a chance to perform on a stage, with no distractions of clinking glasses and coffee orders being placed. It’s the only open mic in the city that draws an audience dedicated to supporting upcoming comics and a stage that lets comics face an audience head on without any hindrances. Come by at 5 pm every Saturday to experience stand up in its most unencumbered form.

When: Saturdays

Timings: 5pm onwards

Cuckoo Hostel

If you’re looking for something off the beaten track, come by Cuckoo Hostel in Koramangala on a Sunday. This is the only venue that hosts fun, experimental shows for stand up comedy. Let me explain – from performing in complete darkness to doing a set list which involves comics going on stage unprepared, picking up chits with topics they haven’t seen before and trying to tell a joke about it on the spot, Cuckoo Hostel has it all. Heckle the comic on Heckler Night, or find out how bloody a Roast Battle can really get {hint: very}. Cuckoo Hostel is the venue when the comics and the audience have no clue how it might end. Prepare to be surprised every Sunday at 8 pm.

When: Sunday

Timings: 8pm onwards


I'm an easily intimidated and hyperactive comic, who loves chai and has been bouncing off the walls, telling jokes for the past 4 years. Being a short boy, in an all boys school, I've danced as a girl more times than I would like to discuss.