Maple Bacon Cupcakes, Orange Bars & Panna Cotta: This Home Baker Is A Dessert Godmother!

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What Makes It Awesome

Fairy Godmother but for cakes, bakes and all the delicious makes, say hello to Honeypots by home baker, Inchara. This one woman team ensure a fabulous tea time because you can order tea cakes like Banana Cinnamon Loaf (INR 650 for 500gms), Whole Wheat Eggless plum cake (INR 1,800 for 1kg) or Double Chocolate Banana Jaggery Loaf. Don't worry about quality because we've been assured that only the best chocolate or fruit make way into these treats!

For a celebration, order any one of Inchara's cakes or cupcakes. There's much to choose from in terms of flavours but the stand outs have to be Hung Curd Marble Cake, Beer Batter Maple Bacon Cupcakes, and two hatke flavours, the Bubble Gum and Kulfi. Prices for cakes start at INR 1,500 for 1kg while cupcakes are INR 80 a piece. For basic customisations, from aliens to cute doggos, prices start INR 1,800. Order these a week in advance and for other treats at least two days prior. 

Apart from cakes, contact Honeypots for Chewy Cream Cheese Cookies and Potato Chip and Chocolate Chip Cookies (INR 300 for 6) and crowd favourites, Coconut Chocolate Brownies, Macarons and Orange Bars. For something more decadent, order Hung Curd Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, Chocolate Tart or Panna Cotta with Raspberry compote and Coconut Cream! 

Get in touch with Inchara through LBB's Enquire Now feature and have your order Dunzoed or Ubered. She will also be happy to bake you some scrumptious sourdough bread and bagels but we do suggest new additions like their Brown Butter Cookies and 80% Callebaut Babka, Apple Crumble Bars. 


Inchara also bakes a lot of vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free variants of her treats! 


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