Taste Coffee From Around The World With Kaffa Cerado

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Kaffa Cerrado

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What Makes It Awesome

To boast of having tasted coffee from around the world you don't have to make an 80-day trip or even look for multiple brands! All you need is to get your hands on Kaffa Cerrado, a local brand from Delhi that is roasting delicious coffee from across the globe.

They source the choicest of Arabica beans and roast them fresh to order! What's more, is that in the process of making coffee they put in an effort to save water and to initiate projects like water purification. They also use ‘green roasters’ in their facility, which utilizes less energy and is low on greenhouse gas emissions. Great coffee and a happy environment? That's what we're talking about.

Here's what you can and should get your hands on from their range. The Nicaragua Strictly High Grown (INR 900 for 250g), a full-bodied coffee with a crisp brightness and flavours of chocolate, cherry, orange, and salted caramel sweetness. Mmh! What a good cuppa this will be. Next, get the Indonesian Mandheling (INR 900), a Sumatran Coffee (plum & raisin), and the Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold one of the best-known coffees in India. 

There's coffee from Salvador, Colombo, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and estates such as Kallevarapura in the country. All the international blends are priced at INR 900 while the Indian blends are INR 380. Here's the best piece of information: these are all 100 percent coffee blends with no signs of chicory and are easily available on Shop On LBB! 


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