You Need No Excuse To Order This Self-Taught Home Baker's Tarts & Pinata Cakes

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What Makes It Awesome

Even the strongest of us needs a tiny dose of sugar to keep the engine running, every now and then. So may we say that whether you're a sweet tooth or an occasionally sweet person (interpret that however you'd like), to satisfy even the smallest of cravings hit up Crumbcakes Patisserie. Self-taught, Home Baker, Sneha is always on a mission to 'bake' someone happy, she shares and she does so with her specially curated menu and treats. 

Our eyes and mouths drifted straight to the Bombolonis - pillowy Italian doughnuts stuffed to the brim with chocolate, mmh! Does anything else sound more decadent? Turns out it does. If the chocolate still isn't enough, try Crumbcakes' rich Chocolate Truffle Cake, Nutella Brownies or Double Chocolate Cookies. We're trying to cut through the decadence with some Lemon Tart and Blueberry Cheesecake though, both bright and fresh in their flavours!

Now if a special ocassion comes a-knocking, we'd say pull out stops and order Crumbcakes Patisserie's signature Geometric Heart Pinata Cake -- these delicious cakes some a with a theatrical element. Basically, a hard heart shaped chocolate she'll covers the actual cake, you must break through it like you would a pinata to get to the delicious center. Sneha will be happy to customise the flavour of the cake based on preferences, click on Enquire Now to chat with her and place order or request for prices.


Make sure to order your treats at least a couple days in advance, especially if it is a big order. You have to Dunzo your order and pay for delivery anywhere in Bangalore yourself.


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