Hair Oil Pods From This Brand Are What Your Dry Hair Needs

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What Makes It Awesome

How often have hair massages made your day better and stress, lesser? Many times, we know. Nothing really matches the oil seeping through your scalp as the fingers press against your head, relieving you of all the world's burdens and at the same time, keeping your hair healthy. To make TLC for your hair a daily routine, we have Mikami, a brand that sells hair oil pods, hair oils and neemwood combs. The products are all naturally made from pure local ingredients such that the moment their oils touch your scalp, you’ll feel home.

Let’s shed some light on their air pods, sorry, oil pods haha. These are little vials or containers of oil that are perfect for one person’s massage. Empty the entire vial on your head and let your hair get the nourishment it truly deserves. Their bestsellers are the ‘Hair To Stay’ Oil Pods, rich in onion seeds, spices and coconut oil to resolve your hairfall issues and the ‘You’l Be Oil Right’ Oil Pods, with the goodness of Hibiscus and Jasmine extracts that are ideal for nourishment. You even get the ‘Ban-D-Rough’ Oil Pods rich in aloe vera, neem leaves and fenugreek seeds for those of you fighting dandruff. These pods are suitable for all hair types and come in sets of eight, available on LBB Shop and are priced at around INR 800.


Use the oil pods every alternate day, overnight and shampoo the following morning for best results. They even have a neem wood comb that is best for all hair types.


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