Jamun Chips To Soya Nuts: This Brand’s Seed Mixes And Snacks Have Won Us Over

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What Makes It Awesome

Rewind to a decade ago, who’d have thought seeds could be considered edible, and if I may stretch, tasty ? The Healthy Culture is a brand that specialises in seeds, seed mixes, mixtures, roasted chips and dehydrated fruits that are not just tasty, but also super healthy. Want snacks all day everyday? Healthy Culture has you covered. With flavours like Wasabi and Cream Onion, you will be welcomed to a melange of flavours and textures in your mouth as you munch on their snacks.

We’re told the Wasabi Seed Mixes are a hit with their pungent wasabi kick jostling with the crispy seeds in your mouth. What also sets this brand apart is their use of a mix of seeds, puffs and dehydrated berries to provide a symphony of flavour contrasts in your mouth. You can get a Dry Fruits And Berry Mix and also opt for a more savoury Quinoa Puffs And Seeds Mixture.

Apart from these, they have dehydrated Sundried Jamun Chips (natural fruit) and Sundried Amla Chips -- plain and also with Fennel seeds. Their seed mixes and puffs also come in flavours of Olive & Herbs, Jalepeno and Jaggery with each lending its own mouthfeel. Want something more close to home? Try their pudina chana jor and their masala soyanuts. Their prices range from INR 79 - INR 350 for their products coming in pouch packs of 100g and glass bottles of 175g


‘Make Your Own Gift’ option is also available where you can choose from an assortment of products.


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