Beat The Heat With Sundaes, Milkshakes & Cake Jars: Frozen Bottle Is Now Home Delivering!

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What Makes It Awesome

Summer's here and is definitely staying (at least a while), alright! Now that you're cooped up at home and can't step out for something refreshing, bring it home with Frozen Bottle, we say. This Bengaluru-chain well known for its sweet frozen treats, is slowly emerging into a crowd favourite and we can see why. 

Among the premium thickshakes, the Fig & Honey and rich Belgian Dark Chocolate sounds super delicious, and enough to put away a shake craving for a bit. Health nuts, for you we recommend the sugar free Millet Almond Shake loaded with the goodness millets and almonds, blended with sugarless ice cream. If you're working out and are trying to steer clear of ice cream, the Golden Milkshake, an immunity booster made of turmeric, ginger, cardamom and sweetened with honey should be your pick. 

Aside from the shakes, for sheer indulgence we're looking to the cake jars. The Banana Caramel Goodness and Melting Pot (gooey chocolate cake with ice cream) is what we are definitely ordering. If not chocolate, there's seasonal mango, strawberries or custard Seasonal shakes too. 

For something more hatke, order from the Retro Classic section, you'll find everything from Desi Kheer, Filter Kaapi and Kesar Badam Shakes here. And if none of the above cut it (hard to believe but okay), you can always bank on their ice cream scoops to help brighten up that mood.


COVID-19 Tip: Frozen Bottle is available for delivery on Swiggy and Zomato, and promises an under 40 minutes delivery! Do opt for the contactless delivery and tip your ice cream and milkshake saviour generously in this time of crisis. 


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