Coffee So Robust, You Will Want More Than One Cup, Multiple Times A Day

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What Makes It Awesome

We’ve all come across brands that do pure arabica coffee sourced from the finest estates of whatever place but these humble lads at Democratic Coffee have made a blend of coffee beans to come up with something twice/thrice the fun. You not only have your Arabica but also variants like Robusta. They add Chicory for a more full body as well. That’s not even the best part. With this coffee, you can choose to have a hot brew or a cold brew as the instructions behind the 100g packs make life easier. What else makes life easier? Their coffee kit that comes along. All you have to do is follow instructions for use of the kit and brew yourself some coffee on the go as you please.

Our pick had to be the South Indian Filter Specialty Coffee that has a blend of Arabica, Robusta and Chicory to give out the right amount of satisfaction to your taste and the olfactory systems. Sourced from Coorg, this is a smooth and velvety medium dark roast and goes best with milk. You can even have this as a cold brew but we suggest you pair the hot brew with milk for a strong, syrupy coffee experience. Now if you want to stick to your 100% Arabica we suggest this Drip Filter Coffee that needs to be brewed. This coffee has notes of tea and dark chocolate, we suggest you have this black. For those of you wanting the Arnold Schwarzenegger of coffee, we mean a full-bodied cup haha, try the brand’s New Orleans Blend. This has Arabica + Chicory where the latter adds texture and strong flavour to your coffee. Buy from LBB Shop now!


All their coffees come in packs of 10 and are priced at INR 400. You can even get their assortment of coffees, in pack of 10 for the same price. 


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