Want Your Vada Sambar Dip With Filter Coffee? Order From Here Now

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What Makes It Awesome

Craving some comfort South Indian food? Good ol’ Adigas got your back. From classic and comforting bisi bele bhath, to poori saagu when you’re feeling like extra indulgence, they’ve got it. A great option for pretty much any time of the day, right from breakfast (sambar dip, anyone?), to combo meals (Paratha, Chinese, and Breakfast), to Indo-Chinese, they’ve got something for you. Plus when you want some no-fuss curd rice, or some Dal Tadka or Paneer Butter Masala with naan, you’ll get that here too. The combo options are easily below INR 200, and most options are pretty filling. And if you’re craving Darshini-style masala dosa, rava onion dosa or kesari and khara bhath, this is your place. Add to that some fresh fruit juice, or filter coffee (they deliver five servings in a carton for INR 180), and you’re set for a great tiffin!


They're available on food delivery platforms who are ensuring all safety and sanitation standards are being met. Do opt for a contactless and cashless order to stay safe while satisfying your hunger. 


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