Get Maki, Nigiri & Even Sashimi From This Sushi Cloud Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

Craving sushi, but really can't get out and head to your usual sushi haunt? All you need to do is hit up Sushimen on their website or WhatsApp or just slide into their DM on Instagram. The cloud kitchen has a sushi menu that ranges from your good old Tuna Maki to the Unagi Nigiri. And the best part? It's nothing like that store-bought sushi. These are made-to-order sushi, using ingredients that are on par with your top sushi restaurants in town. Or maybe even better. At least that's what we felt when we ordered the California Roll (Crabstick and Avocado+Cream Cheese), Philadelphia Roll, and the Salmon Nigiri. Their Spicy California Maki and Rainbow Roll are must trys along with Unagi Nigri. Vegetarians, there’s plenty of options for you as well and a couple of Vegan options too.

They come in neat little boxes that hold the sushi in place even while it's being delivered to you. Chopsticks, soy sauce in cute jars, and pickled ginger and wasabi complete your sushi order. If you're thinking of making a meal out of sushi, they have a lunch box menu that comes with assorted sushi and a meal menu that comes with portions of sushi, edamame, and kombucha. The Salmon Meal is what we are ordering for our next lunch. It comes with Salmon Maki, Sashimi, Salmon Nigiri, Edamame, and Kombucha. The price range is between INR 250 and INR 950, and the higher price range is for the meals and combos. Of course, if you are willing to shell out INR 6,800, you can treat yourself and your squad to an All About Sushi Platter that has all the best sushi that Sushimen has to offer. Plus portions of edamame and kombucha.


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