Get Down And Dirty Playing Real Life Farmville At This Organic Farmstay Near Thekkady


    For when you want to just zone out of city life, and actively engage with nature, what better way than a farm homestay smack in the centre of the hills near Thekkady.

    The Simple Life

    I frequently like to run away from the din of the city. And increasingly, I find myself, and a lot of people around me, wanting to give back to the Earth. Maybe it was that stellar film that Leonardo Di Caprio made. So imagine my happiness when I came across Harvest Fresh Farms, with mountains on one side, hills and streams on the other, and oh-so-much farmland to get down and dirty!

    Like Old MacDonald

    Starting off with a freshly squeezed {organic} juice, the place will take down stress levels a notch or two, instantly. Check into one of three cottages — each with a different charm, but all well-appointed, clean and cosy, before exploring the farm. For those who want to soak in the simple life, go on and watch as kitchen and farm waste is converted into biogas to use in-house, or stroll along the sheds with animals and watch as the farm hand go about their daily work. We even went on an interesting walk where we were shown how rain water is harvested. And we though it was a simple life! On round two of your wanderings, like us, you’ll want to jump right in and help with planting, picking fruit, milking cows, or just tending to the crop. It’s therapeutic!

    Market Day

    With a line-up of livestock like cows, geese, turkey, ducks and hens, if you have kids in tow, they’ll be over the moon. Not that we weren’t, but it’s great for the young ones. For those escaping here lnger than a night, don’t miss a quick trip to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The farm has bicycles that you can borrow to weave in and out of neighbouring farms. We highly recommend you bike to the daily farmers’ market. We learned a thing or two from the locals on how to pick the best veggies. Oh, and maybe ride home on a bullock cart for the real deal?

    So, We're Thinking...

    There’s nothing like reconnecting with nature, especially in a set up like Harvest Fresh Farms. Plus, mango season is coming! It suddenly all gets better!