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Plant Based Goodness: These Nut & Seed Versions Of Butter Are Yum!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Hard to sell health if it tastes like it. So when seed and nut butters became all the rage we were doubtful and skeptical. What trump's creamy, rich whole milk butter? An exotic blend of walnuts with dried berries and hints of lavender and sage, perhaps? Or how does roasted almonds with single origin cacao, organic coconut sugar, pure vanilla bean and Sri Lankan cinnamon powder, sound? These as butters? Yum.

    To think we're almost butter converts in Sage and Folly would be a folly in itself. We're more than sold because it's flavour town all the way in this Kolkata-based brand. They don't sell you their vegan seed and nut butters (sweet and savoury) because it's healthy for you but because it can be down right delicious! The fact that these are free of refined sugars and salts and loaded with exotic and artisanal ingredients is only a bonus! Plus, they're stone ground to preserve nutrients.

    Since these don't attack your heart and hips we can't stop thinking of the multiple ways we can use them. Freely frost cakes with S & F's Hazelnut Chocolate (maple syrup, single origin raw cacao and nutty hazelnut) or use the Cashew Pepper Punch or Lemon Pop as a salad dressing. The Very Berry Seeds (blueberries, cranberries and seeds mix) and Pumpkin Party go well with breakfast bowls or as dips too. Sage and Folly has about 14 different kinds of butters all in flavour combinations that sound inviting, you could even use these to make your own nut or seed milk! 


    These butters come in 60gm and 200gm glass jars and are priced upwards of INR 155. Shop and have them delivered anywhere in the country. Hit the 'Enquire Now’ button to place orders.