We Found A Paper Mart Who's Your BFF For All Your Regular Stationery Needs

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Load up on budget paper products, stationery, and art supplies at Orion Paper Mart, on Ebrahim Sahib Street. Close to Commercial Street, the two-floor shop is perfect for your basic, day-to-day needs.

What Makes It Awesome

Orion Paper Mart in Commercial Street can come to your rescue when you just need to stock up on basics, for your daily needs. The two-floor, stationery shop has been in business on Ebrahim Sahib Street (near the Shivajinagar end) since the 70s. 

Browse through their glass display cases and pick from a range of products. There are pens from the ubiquitous ballpoint to rare fountain pens. You can also snap up calligraphy nibs if you want creative lettering. Need something to scribble on? There are small and long, ruled and unruled notebooks in Plain Jane varieties as well as the fanciest hard-bound Nightingale kinds. Pick up loose sheets in plain and ruled. Just buy them in bulk!  

If you are looking to stock up your home office or even your new startup, Orion’s got plenty for you as well. From paper clips to calculators, files, notepads, scissors, staplers, markers, and white (and black) boards — they’ve got it all. You can also source all your art supplies here. For those of you who are just starting out, there are sketchbooks and compact paint boxes. And if art is more than just a passing hobby, then, you can choose from canvases, charcoal pencils, and high-quality paints too. We also spotted wooden and metal easels. 


While they don’t offer steep discounts, the store is better priced than your normal stationery shop (they are semi-wholesalers of sorts). Expect a substantial discount if you buy in bulk though. Also, you can pick up gift bags and wallpaper from here. 


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