Street Storys Is All Set To Deliver Outstanding, Redefined Vegetarian Food!

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What Makes It Awesome?

I recently ordered in some delicious Vegetarian food from Street Storys because I heard they have revamped their menu. To begin with, I doubt if I'll ever love normal chicken shawarma again because their soya chaap shawarma is one in a million - you won't even feel like you're not eating the juiciest shawarma loathed in sauce wrapped in a kuboo, it is just way too good. Other than that, I was a little sceptical to try the rajma khichdi - but boy, was it something. A delicious khichdi - boiled and cooked and prepared alongside the lentils topped off with grated coconut and was already fragrant from the ghee which also made it super creamy but also I loved how they gave ghee on the side in a container lest someone would still be interested to add in some more.

Next, the kathal biryani - firstly, the chunks of kathal or jackfruit were skewered and will look like chicken for a moment, but the biryani had all the flavours I'd expect from a non-veg version of the same and it was served with burani raita, biryani masala and to top off, they also have some crispy fried onions - to me, that was kind of the highlight, it just made the food so much better. Infact, I also added some of the crisp fried onions to the rajma khichdi, it totally redefined the flavours and I absolutely loved it. To end the meal, I had a delicious "progressive tiramisu", hands down it was unique in its little ways with a nice hit of orange in it.

Can't wait to order it again!

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