Frozen Desserts And Chicken Pies For The Win At Painted Platters

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Freshly baked goods and creamy frozen desserts, a perfect mix of savoury and sweet all housed at Ulsoor bakery Painted Platters.

Chow Down

Chicken Pie, Blueberry Danish, Mud Pie

Sip On

Painted Platters doesn’t offer anything to drink. They position themselves as a bakery from where you pick up your goodies and then go your way.

Winning For

Their classic bakes and cakes. The fact that these guys stick to what they know best and are not trying to do MasterChef level desserts. Sometimes simple is best.

What's On The Menu?

The Chicken Pie is highly recommended here. The pie crust, flaky but slightly on the thicker side, is filled to the brim with cheese and chicken and an added hit of spice. Their vegetarian option, the Spinach and Garlic Pie with corn, although milder in flavour, is just as good. Looking for a carb fix for dinner? Try their Pull Out {the Pull Apart style} breads, which are well risen and packed with flavour {chicken or garlic}. Whether it’s early enough for breakfast or it’s snack time, their Danish selection and croissants are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. We tried the custard filled blueberry Danish which had a great balance of sweet and tart.

On A Sweet Note

Let’s be honest, our favourite part of a meal has always been dessert and the ones at Painted Platters are to die for. The Mud Pie, with its biscuit base, creamy vanilla and chocolate filling, topped with chocolate sauce and nuts, is a crowd favourite. We tried the Red Velvet cake and got lost between the layers of cakey and creamy goodness. They also serve a silky Mango Mousse and a Tiramisu, which we hear sell out pretty fast.

We also dug into their bottled desserts, like the Chocolate Charlotte with a biscuit base, layers of chocolate mousse and brownie bits. What’s not to like? However, we’d probably pass on the Blueberry Cheese Mousse {too heavy} for the Litchi Bavarian, a light and refreshing frozen treat with pieces of fresh litchi mixed into it.

So We’re Thinking…

The bakery does its classics pretty well and that’s why we like them. Their desserts come in two sizes, a single serve and an entire party portion too, so they have you covered during parties as well. If you live or work in the vicinity and are too lazy to go pick something up, they’re on Swiggy too.


Their goodies fly off the shelves fast, so try to make it here as soon as the bakery opens at 4pm.

Price: INR 30 upwards for quick bites and INR 100 upwards for desserts

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