Palahaaram In Whitefield For Authentic Kerala Tea-Shop Vibes And Food

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Started by two IT professionals, Abishek and Sanju, Palahaaram just outside ITPL, should be your go-to for quick and authentic Kerala soul food.

Chow Down

Pazhampori, Mutta Kizhi, Ullivada

Sip On

Chaaya {Tea}

Winning For

Cheap, hygienic and typical Kerala food.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Modelled after a Kerala tea shop, also called chaayakadas, Palahaaram has the vibes of bustling Kerala tuckshops. One wall has murals of traditional Kerala symbols like a Theiyyam dancer, temple elephants and houseboats. Seating is limited but to stay true to the feel of the place, you should probably stand and eat anyway. A glass cupboard stocked with snacks and small glass tea tumblers complete the look.

What’s On The Menu?

We stopped by for a quick evening snack and were not disappointed with what we got. Their pazhamporis {banana fritters} are just how they should be — crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. The mutta kizhi {fried egg dumplings} was a perfect accompaniment for the chaaya that was prepared the fun, meter way — a process of making tea that involves mixing it by pouring it from one glass to the other and the distance between the two glasses is touted to be one meter! Now that we’ve given you some interesting trivia, we also suggest you try the ullivada {onion fritters} for some spicy indulgence.

So We’re Thinking…

We’re already in love with this place and its concept and if you’re in the Whitefield area, you shouldn’t leave without trying their pazhamporis and chaaya.


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