Peeps, This Indiranagar Joint Is Serving Delish Paan, Guava Chilli, Panipuri & Falooda Flavoured Ice Creams

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What Makes It Awesome

Well, we're all ice cream fans. Ever wondered if you can have the same treats/fruits and much more in the form of an ice cream? Yes this is possible.

Apsara Ice Creams in Indiranagar solves your problems. Consisting of various icecreams from guava to butterscotch to even kulfis in different shapes and sizes, this is a place to go to. The most interesting flavour are guava chilli, paan, falooda, panipuri and kiwi.

Each flavour reminds you exactly of the treat you are eating. For example, the coffee ice cream tastes exactly like the South Indian filter coffee that you get and believe me it tastes great. Each flavour is served with a spice which is a unique way of eating an ice cream. There are so many flavours, so you might want to come here multiple times to get your taste buds to the best use.

What's My Pro Tip?

Must try their guava chilli and the panipuri ice creams, they're my favourites.