Paper-Perfect Wildlife: This Sculptor Is Turning A Daily Material Into 3D Art!

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Paper Chirrups

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What Makes It Awesome

If you caught a glimpse of the magic ordinary paper could strew in self-taught Artist and Sculptor, Niharika's handiwork, you would be astonished. Gallery-worthy was all we could think of and that is after we learnt that these weren't real birds and animals. Paper Chirrups is an outlet and a way of channeling love for nature, shares Niharika who always found herself enjoying wildlife and the surroundings, growing up. But she was particularly smitten by birds (red-billed blue Magpies) after a trip to Himachal. Next, she dabbled in several mediums to finally settle on paper to bring her little winged friends to life. And super-duper life-like they are!

She nimbly handcrafts 3-dimensional mirror images of the birds using just paper, wire and stencils. Done with unmatched precision and attention to detail, the texture of each feather (beak, claw) is spot-on. Finally, handpainting vivid colours onto them turns them into bespoke works of art. It takes anywhere between three weeks to three months (or more) to finish a piece. The Blue Jay, Bed Hummingbird and Kingfisher are some of our faves. 

Niharika creates life-size, miniatures, table tops and hanging mobiles that would sit perfectly in any home or make for a splendid gift! Request for a paper sculpture enclosed in a glass dome on a wooden base, these in particular look surreal and preserve well. Paper Chirrups is also known for extensive installations (wildlife like elephants, pangolins, snakes included) that they undertake for bigger clients.

Prices for miniatures start at INR 3,500 and sculptures at INR 25,000. These are entirely customisable.


Niharika also advocates wildlife and bird conservation through Paper Chirrups. In associations with the likes of WWF, WTI, NCF and other forest departments she has conducted workshops, talks and bird festivals for the same. 


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