This Cosy Bookstore In Kalyan Nagar Is A Hidden Gem You Didn't Know About

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What Makes It Awesome

Walking down the crowded CMR Road in Kalyan Nagar, you’ll find it hard to walk by the Paperback Bookshop store without giving it a curious glance. You can peek in through the glass door to see a compact shop lined with shelves neatly packed with books. Step in and the store runners extend a warm welcome. Paperback Bookshop has another branch in Bangalore — at Ranga Shankara. There’s also another at Mumbai’s Prithvi Theatre. All of them have the same cosy feel we are told.

The Kalyan Nagar bookstore set up a few years ago, has quickly become a neighbourhood darling. You’ll find patrons stopping by to browse through the collection or even to say a quick ‘hello!’. Since this is a compact store don’t go expecting the range that online platforms or even Blossoms have on offer. However, what we love about the store is that the owners (who are former journalists) take pains to handpick each book. The collection is well-thought off and even if you don’t find what you are looking for, chances are that you still leave with another book. 

One chunk of the store offers newly-printed books sold at MRP. You’ll spot everyone from Rumi to Tolkien, Naipaul and Ibsen here. There’s also a wide selection of second-hand books. Care has been taken to see that the books are in good shape and the prices are pocket-friendly. Here, the Stephen Kings rub shoulders with the Danielle Steeles and there’s plenty more. If you are a fan of illustrations, we recommend that you stop by the kid’s section. You’ll find storybooks and comics that come with vintage-style drawings that you can’t take your eyes off.


Do call them up and ask about the availability of specific books. 


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