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    Up For Some Ghost Busting? Call Bangalore's Paranormal Investigators, Team Pentacle

    Akshaya posted on 24 November


    If you’ve ever had the feeling you’re being watched by something not of this world, Bangalore’s team of Paranormal Investigators is here to help! We spoke with active member and Bangalore-based dentist Rahul Kumar, to get you the lowdown.

    Stranger Things

    Paranormal investigators, Team Pentacle, was started by a dedicated group of around 35 Bangaloreans, from IT engineers to doctors, and even ex-models, all determined to solve your neighbour haunting over weekend nights {witching hour works best}. The organisation was started by ex-crime journalist Shishir Kumar {who has previous worked for Hindustan Times}, where his interest in life beyond death was first sparked. Dr. Rahul himself is certainly no newcomer to the scene either — while in California during his undergrad years spent studying medicine, he became an active member of the Ghostbusters of Southern California! He then went on become a certified paranormalist, obtaining degrees from the likes of Palmers-Francis University at FSU and IMHS. Team Pentacle operate only on the weekends, and are partnered with the Kannada TV Channel 9, who directs them to cases, as well as getting requests from citizens plagued by strange happenings.

    The Truth Is Out There

    Using a host of professional equipment, they work from sunset to get to the bottom of what’s going on. These guys are the real-life Bangalorean Ghost Busters meets Sherlock Holmes! First, a gruelling pre-investigation is conducted to weed out false cases: they review the history of possessed properties and medical records of a possessed individual and close family members to ensure the legitimacy. Then come the big guns — from K2 meters that detect electromagnetic fields, EVP {electro-voice phenomenon} that pick-up on sounds that the human ear cannot, and infra-red thermometers to read radical shifts in temperature, these guys are the real deal.

    Dying To Meet You

    According to Rahul, once we die the energy leaving our bodies carries a certain amount of emotion with it, which is then apparently emanated into the lower cosmic strata. It is this energy that, once trapped, can lead to hauntings. These malevolent spirits, unable to leave, live off the energy of their surroundings and can even take hold of a human host!

    Alongside their monthly meet-ups, Team Pentacle is also organising Karnata’s largest paranormal convention — the first of its kind apparently in the state and in India! Meet other individuals in the field — from metaphysicians to clairvoyants — or just learn more about what they do. They’ll even be hosting workshops, showing you how to use and read their supernatural-detecting tools!


    Looking to get involved? They have monthly meet-ups in Bangalore. Want more? Check out their Institute of Paranormal Research, UFO-logy and Cryptology in Mumbai to get accredited!

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