Ten-Second Takeaway

Always wanted to get that adrenalin rush of floating in the skies? Time to make it a reality, mate. Viking Aerosports organises parasailing every weekend. And the best part? It’s right here in Bangalore!

Up, Up And Away

OK, you might also be a little confused. We don’t quite have a large enough water body to go parasailing, right? But Viking Aerosports modifies the term a bit – parasailing on land, is what they call it. Don’t try too hard to get into the semantics. After all, as long as you get a fantastic view of the city, that thrill of flying with the wind in your hair, who cares what’s pulling you along!

There’s no need for any adventure sport training as this one’s purely recreational. All you need is that slight bit of courage! A parachute will be strapped onto you, and that is in turn, fastened to a vehicle. As the car picks up speed, you’ll slowly start to gain altitude and up, up and away! For those fraidy cats, there’s tandem rides on offer which means you’ll be strapped to an expert throughout. Naturally, all of this is only weather permitting.

Safe Landing

All of this is done in Jakkur Aerodrome, and under a highly skilled former IAF officer and qualified aeronotical engineers – so do away with all those fears and get flying {ish}. There’s really no thrill like flying, and this is the closest we can get to that in our fine city. Plus, they usually have this in the morning when the city looks beautiful. You’ll land with a renewed love for Bangalore.


We’re talking from experience here. Since you’re safely strapped in, you don’t need to hang on for dear life. Loosen your grip a bit and enjoy. It’s really peaceful. Oh! Also, there’s only 40 rides each on Saturdays and Sundays, so get cracking.

Where: Jakkur Aerodrome, Yelahanka Post

Price: INR 600 for solo and INR 1,100 for tandem

Contact: 7259502343 or info@vikingsaerosports.com

Timings: 6am-9am

Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Feature Photo: Vikings Aerosports