Party The A La Carte Way: This Brand's Pinteresty Services & Supplies Are A Rage

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What Makes It Awesome

There are grand, once-in-a-lifetime-milestone events and then there are somber, happy events that visit us every year. And though these are categorised at different levels of importance and occurrence, they are both undoubtedly worthy of celebrations! This is exactly why we are thankful for Party A La Carte catering to both these needs, in not the run-of-the-mill type of way! We say this because the party magic this brand strews deserves its own pinterest handle. 

Starting out, this Mumbai-based company began as a Event Stylists/Planners/Designers service back in 2013 after Founder Juhi could not find a party organiser for her son's first birthday. Even if she did they wouldn't look beyond Mickey Mouse cut outs and balloons for a memorable day. So she began designing his birthdays herself and then soon others! 

Thus far, Party A La Carte has designed, planned and styled 100s of events across the spectrum (birthdays, baby showers, weddings, corporates) and like they promise, it's all a la carte, customised to the T and basic by no means. They play with flowers, fabrics, timber and paints to curate set ups across the country, you just say the word! Every event looks like a Pinterest pin (no exaggerations here), after all their clients include b-town celebs.

While you may want to reserve Party A La Carte's services for bigger celebrations, you can style your own Pinterest-worthy party with their supplies. No, we're not directing you Chinese lanterns, pom poms or other uninspired decoration, instead you get to pick from premium accessories, supplies, decor and even stationery for your party!


Party A La Carte's shoppable pieces have been imported from the UK and feature products like matching tea sets and cutlery, whimsical to classy themed and other super cool novelty items! Charges for their services start at INR 45k while their party supplies start at INR 499 going to 5k.


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