The Scoop

Payal Khandwala recently showcased her Spring Resort ’16 collection at the Lakme Fashion Week. The collection features ensembles inspired by geometry which, although is the case with most of her collections, has been especially inspired this time by her seven-year-old daughter, who’s just beginning to learn about shapes and colours.

The Style

Ikat Sipper

Brand: Kolorobia

Price: INR 499

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Calm Cancerian Sipper Water Bottle

Brand: Chumbak

Price: INR 795

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Stainless Steel Leak Proof Bottle

Brand: Hot Muggs

Price: INR 449

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Water Sipper

Brand: Nike

Price: INR 745

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Brand: Polo Lifetime

Price: INR 449

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Plastic Snackeez

Brand: Nashware

Price: INR 299

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Red Glassware Water Bottle

Brand: Living Essence

Price: INR 200

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Upside Down Water Bottle

Brand: Gadge Trendy

Price: INR 135

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Drinking Bottle

Brand: Living Essence

Price: INR 175

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Minion Water Bottle

Brand: Ebay

Price: INR 699

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Payal Khandwala’s approach to dressmaking is quite similar to that of making art; she makes use of colours and textures to create something dramatic yet minimal, a feat that’s not very easy to achieve.

The outfits are made using fabrics and textures ranging from cottons, linens, perma-pleating, lightweight handwoven silks, neoprene, silk organzas, and handcrafted brocades. While colours still feature brightly through the collection, they have been toned down with shades of white, and by also steering away from bold jewel tones and going more towards a sorbet palette. So you’ll find shades of coral, fuchsia, citrine, chartreuse, blush, as well as an occasional appearance of metallic gold and silver.

What We Love

The combination of colours, the use of fabrics, and the silhouettes which give the clothes a look of luxury that somehow still manage to look effortless—kinda ideal if you ask us.

Aside from all the apparel, Payal also showcased a handcrafted line of accessories, named Tachi, which includes leather accessories, bags and belts. But it was the brass jewellery {the neckpieces and nose pins in particular} in geometrical shapes that caught our eyes: Simple and stunning.

Who It’s For

Any woman who has a taste for luxury but doesn’t want to give up on her comfort. Whether you’re on a luxury summer getaway at a resort, or have a summer wedding to attend, this collection should be right up your alley.

Where: You can shop the collection here

Price: Starting at INR 4,800

Follow Payal Khandwala on Facebook here and find out more here.