Peel Off Masks That Ensure Self-Care Saturdays Are A Hit

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SP Celestial

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What Makes It Awesome

Yes, we will be talking about self-care Saturdays and how each of you deserve one. No better way to chime in Self-Care Saturdays than with body care and SP Celestials is here to help! They make natural peel-off masks that are refreshing and rejuvenating after a tiring week of work. We’re talking fruity fragrances that don’t just smell good but also do good to your skin. These peel off masks boost collagen and strengthen skin besides providing nourishment. If you get good sleep the night you put these, you must not be confused. It’s the product doing its good on your skin.

The whole pack comes as a contained powder and gel that you would have to mix well before rubbing on your face. For the much needed Vitamin C, go for their Vitamin C Glow Peel off Mask coming with the citrusy goodness of orange. If you’re facing acne woes and if the boils just don’t stop from erupting, you could get their Green Algae Peel Off that also uses pineapple and moringa leaf powders apart from natural curing algae. If you’re merely after the glow, we recommend the Strawberry Peel off Mask, which has ruby crystal powder and even a beetroot extract for your blood vessels to chill out. After something fancy, try their 24k Gold Collagen Peel off mask that has the goodness of aloe vera and licorice along with gold pigment.

You can buy their masks from LBB Shop.


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