Perfect Breakfast Destination With A Cute Decor!

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What Makes It Awesome?

You know how a place starts great and then somehow gets lost in between, well the good news is that Here and Now has been dishing out great dishes since it's inception. Been going here for a long time and I can't get over how good their breakfast options are.

Whether it's the mighty English breakfast or variations of that or a plain frittata, they have everything and anything under the roof and it's delicious, to say the least. Also, I love their cutesy decor and the game room and the bookshelf which also sells few diaries.

Located just opposite to BDA complex in HSR this might go unnoticed but look hard and you'll find it in the hedges.😊

How Much Did It Cost?

Under β‚Ή500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

Tooth Fairy with a constant love for food and books!