Perfect For Takeaways, Kaaram Restaurant In Koramangala Does Good Biryani

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Koramangala peeps, if you are in the mood to order in biryani, while binging on Netflix, look no further than Kaaram restaurant.

Who is It For?

For those who love biryani on a budget. You get a plate full, starting at INR 150 only.

What's The Ambience Like?

There is not much of an ambience to write about. The best option is to do a takeaway or order it online to be delivered home.

Must Eat

Kaaram Chicken Biryani, The Kaaram Special Egg Biryani. Also their combo meals and family packs, which is perfect when you are entertaining your homies.

How was My Experience?

One plate of biryani is way too much for one person. But good for us, we can do leftoevrs next day. the biryanis are spicy, not too much masala, just a lot of spice from dry red chillies. You will get two eggs to a biryani, and the chicken biryani comes with a leg piece and a meaty chunk. The biryani comes with the usual trappings of raita and onions.


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