Experience The Awesome Mediterranean Flavours At Habibi Falafel!

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Habibi Falafel: If you want to try out some authentic Middle East cuisine then this is the perfect place.

It's a tiny restaurant below the Indiranagar metro station. Around 25 people can sit comfortably at once.

The ambience is good, food pictures hanging on the walls. Tables, walls and ceiling had a wooden touch. Loved the decoration of mirror in the restroom.

Food I recommend,

1.  Falafel plate : The plate consists of,

Falafel - Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was like South Indian Pakoda.

Pita khubz - White soft bread in the shape of chappati to have with hummus.

Hummus - It is a dip dish made of mashed chickpeas. The taste was similar to salted chatni.

French fries - The fries were square shaped and was not so crunchy but soft.

Salad - Loaded with varities of boiled vegetables.

2.  Lemonade : Refreshing drink with some pudina flavour.

3.  Baklava : The dessert was made of layers of filo pastry with lots and lots of chopped nuts and sugar syrup. The taste was really amazing. It forced me to lick my fingers. But the quantity is very little. It would have been better if it was a little bit bigger in size.

Loved the food and the price was also reasonable.


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