Music, Decor, Fresh Flowers & A Personalised Menu: Plan Your Dream Date At This Fancy Restaurant

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore


    Give that special someone a date night like never before by taking them to a personalised date at Forage, that lets you pick out the live music and decor.

    What Makes It Awesome

    In a bid to put all of your previous date nights to shame, Forage is giving the classic dinner date a romantic upgrade by letting you personalise it to a tee. We’re talking live music, lovey-dovey decor and a private space for just you lovebirds to make the most of. This is rom-com status, guys, and if this doesn’t floor your date, we don’t know what will.

    Forage is already known for its romantic setting, complete with a green rooftop space for that natural intimacy. So imagine how dreamy it’ll be when every aspect of the space is personalised just for you two and deck the whole space up with fresh flowers too if you want. And they’ll even throw in a live music act to serenade the both of you as you stare into each other’s eyes, only taking breaks to gorge on their delightful California-style food, the menu of which can be pre-planned too. 

    Whether you’re thinking of popping the big question or celebrating an anniversary, this set up is ideal and will win over the coldest of hearts. A private three-course meal, the menu of which can be decided beforehand, at their rooftop space which is cut of from the rest of the restaurant goers, will set you back by INR 5,000. If you want flowers and bouquets greeting you from the walls to the ceilings, another INR 5,000 will get you that And a live music serenade will cost you an additional INR 5,000. If all of this is a bit overwhelming (and over your budget) you can opt for just parts of the deal.


     Just get in touch by calling them at +918884 002112 and get to planning the date of your dreams.

      Indira Nagar, Bangalore