Holiday planning for pet owners can involve a good measure of anxiety and heartbreak {leaving your best friend behind can’t be pleasant after all}. It’s gotten easier over the years with some fancy pet kennels popping up in the city but that’s a far lesser joy than taking your four-legged companion along for the ride. And it looks like resorts around Karnataka agree with you. You can now explore expansive plantations, seaside retreats, and jungle getaways with your pet pooch to keep you company. However, before you pack your poop scooper and chew toys, ensure that you have a word with these resorts and keep them in the loop about your special travel buddy.  LBB digs up pet-friendly resorts in Karnataka.

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Hunkal Woods

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Geese Haven

Alurkar Resorts

alurkar resorts in belgaum is a pet friendly resort

Source: Alurkar Resorts

Sitting amidst lush farms and overlooking a small pond, Alurkur Resorts is the perfect place for you and your four-legged friend. While you settle into cozy cottages and tour the various plantations at Alurkur {the property focuses on agro tourism}, your pet can run wild and free on the resort grounds along with the resident doggies. When you check in, you will have to show the necessary ownership certificates and while your dog can reside with you in your cottage, you are required to keep an eye on your pooch. For a nominal fee, the kitchens at the resort will also whip up meals for your pet. 

JuSTa Turtlebay On Sea

justa turtle bay in udupi is a pet friendly resort

Source: Turtle Bay

Beach bum with your pet at this resort that sits right on a gorgeous beach in Maravanthe. The Turtlebay on Sea property has hosted over 150 dogs and welcome yours over as long he or she is friendly {they wouldn’t want to inconvenience the other guests, you see}. Your pet can even cosy up with you in the room {you’ll have to get the bedding however} and the resort will put up bowls of food made according to your pet’s requirements. For the rest of the holiday, you can busy yourself  with activities like dolphin spotting, kayaking and a whole lot more while your pet sniffs around the sands or enjoys a snooze by the gentle waves.

Bison River Resort

Tag along your pet for a ride on the wild side at Dandeli’s Bison River Resort. You may not be able to him/her along for the jungle safaris, but you will have plenty of time to bond as you sit by the River Kali, that borders the resort, and by the blazing bonfires at night. The resort also boasts of vast open spaces and activity areas where you and your pet are welcome. The only place that is out of bounds is the in-house restaurant, where big pets like Labradors are not allowed entry. Also, you will need to bring along the grub and the bedding {the pet can stay with you} for your precious pooch.

Flameback Lodges

flameback lodges in chikamagalur is a pet friendly resort

Source: Flameback Lodges

When three German Shepherds greet you at a property, you know your pet will fit right in. Surrounded by a 300-acre plantation, Flameback Lodges provides you and your pet that much-needed break from city life {you can read all about it here}. You are free to roam the property and let your pet share a luxurious villa {that offers glimpses of the lush greenery outside} with you – all the management expects from you is to take responsibility for your companion. Food too will be provided upon your request.

The Green Pastures

Explore the temple-studded town of Belur with your best bud by your side. Check in to The Green Pastures, a property that’s ensconced in a coffee and pepper plantation. Here, you can go on long treks, venture out to see peacocks, milk a cow {not sure whether your pooch will be proficient at this though}, and generally frolic about the vast lawns. Ensure that you let the property know that you are bringing your pet along while making the booking, pets are allowed here only on request. You can order up dishes on their menu for your canine buddy but if there is something specific you need, you will have to bring the ingredients along and the resort’s cooks will help you put the meal together. Also, your pet pooch can’t camp with you at night, there’s a dedicated space on the property where your pet can stay.

Our Native Village

our native village in bangalore is a pet friendly resort

Source: Our Native Village

An eco resort that promises to give you a glimpse of rural life, Our Native Village makes for a charming picnic spot and it’s just a short drive from the city. While they have no qualms with your pet coming along for a holiday, the resort does have a comprehensive pet policy. You will be required to bring in the bed linen and the food {and the bowls} for your four-legged companion. When you are out and about, either spending quality time by a pond with bright-pink lotuses or while hiking around the sprawling grounds that’s dotted with rustic paintings and sculptures, you will have to keep the dog on a leash. Your pet will not be allowed at the in-house restaurant and if he/she suffers from separation anxiety you are requested not to leave the dog alone in your room.

Chukki Mane

chukki mane in javanahalli is pet friendly resort

Source: Chukki Mane

A favourite with families and their pets, Chukki Mane is a delightful getaway on the banks of the River Kaveri. A short drive from the city will get you there and you can spend your holiday at brightly-painted cottages with thatched birds, chasing the many exotic birds that visit {your dog will definitely love this one}, and playing fetch {there’s also archery, volleyball, and coracle rides} on the sprawling grounds. The resort, however, does not provide food for the pet and you will have to carry your own. When it is time to turn in for the night, your precious pooch can settle into a separate enclosure on the property for a peaceful snooze. 

Hunkal Woods

Doggies come first at this very special getaway. Ananth Shankar, a passionate animal lover who’s at the helm of things at Hunkal Woods, read about the island of Eden {where animals live together in harmony} in the Phantom comics. With Hunkal Woods, Ananth and Nandan Gowda {whose family owns the estate}, have aimed to recreate just that. Owning a dog {you are welcome to bring a horse or a cow or any other animal} is almost a prerequisite to your visit to Hunkal Woods, that’s perched high up in the Western Ghats and covers over 1,000 acres. Here, your dog has access to every nook and cranny, can roam around freely without a leash, and even spring up on couches. The staff too, many of whom who have worked at the property for a couple of decades or so, shower your pooch and fill them up with food {all dog related expenses come free of cost here}. Hunkal Woods can only house three groups of guests at a time and if any guest has a problem with the dogs, they will have to deal with it and not your dog. And if you are worried about your dog’s safety in the jungle, Ananth assures you that your fears are unfounded, the property has hosted over 1400 dogs and there hasn’t been a single casualty in this slice of Eden.

Farm Weekends

farm weekends in chikkabalapur is pet friendly resort

Source: Farm Weekends

Just outside the city, Farm Weekends offer you and your pet a chance to get back to Nature. The expansive farm, that comes with a pretty little stone house at its centre, is home to many animals including dogs, sheep, cows, chickens, and ducks. If your pets can get along with this mixed bunch and everyone else on the property, you can bring them along. You will have to also let the owners know whether your pet has been vaccinated. Once there, your pooch can accompany you as you trek along the orchards or while you snooze in your hammock. However, the rooms are strictly out of bounds. Your pet will have to stay in special enclosures on the property and can share a meal with the other four-legged residents. 

Geese Haven

The farm life awaits you and your four-legged companion at this holiday home on the outskirts of the city. You can mingle with some very special residents of the farm including sheep, geese, fowl, and rabbits. Many of them roam freely but if your pet is not the most friendly, the management requests you to let them know so that the farm animals can be placed in confinement. Your pet can also keep you company as you fish, bird watch, and trek {the surrounding plantations are thick with coconut groves and banana plants} through your holiday. Since this a home stay of sorts, you will have to cook up your pet’s meals in the farm house’s kitchen. And while you can allow the pet to join you at the farm house {you can also keep them in enclosures outside}, the sofas and beds are off limits.