Love Vintage Furniture? Shop For Colonial-Style Designs From This Indiranagar Store

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From simplistic designs to grand, opulent ones, find colonial style furniture and decor options at Pete's Furniture in Indiranagar.

What Makes It Awesome

It's easy to head to a Home Center or Home Stop to grab that budget friendly study desk, but if you're looking for a piece that will make a statement and last a lifetime, we'd recommend going vintage - and no, we're not talking about garish orange couches from the '80s. On our last scouting trip to Indiranagar, we stumbled upon a gem of a shop (that looks like a house, really) called Pete's Furniture. Run by the kindly owner, Angie (who will insist you have a cup of tea with her!), the store stocks up on colonial-style furniture, collectables and statement pieces that she and her late husband had handpicked from all across the country.

Think dining room furniture like wooden bar cabinets with intricate ethnic designs, perfect for stocking up your drinks (and looking classy!). Or fancy chaise lounges and bookshelves, for your living room. While you're at it, don't miss out on their beautiful dressing tables, bucket chairs and old-school style beds that will remind you of grandma's home. Their collectables are an assortment of odd colonial-style findings: we spotted miniature vintage car models, clocks, Chinese crystal showpieces, lamps and statues of cherubs. While you can always place a custom order for the furniture, it's the collectables that you really have to keep a lookout for - you won't find them on Commercial Street! 


They offer shipping services too, for an extra charge.