Bringing A Bit Of Nam To Us In Indiranagar Is Vietnamese Kitchen

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Vietnamese Kitchen does competent street food from the country with soupy pho, crusty sandwiches, pancakes and fresh rice paper rolls. Plus, you must have their coffee laced with condensed milk. It’s all kinds of wonderful.

Chow Down

Chicken Banh Mi, Viet Kitchen Noodles and Chicken Pho

Sip On

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Lowdown On The Ambience

There is nothing really Vietnamese about the restaurant, except for a giant mural depicting the daily life of Saigon. Though you will find some oriental accents such as the red and black colour  scheme. The furniture is wood and also not heavy duty, as was demonstrated when we were quickly accommodated and given place to sit in a makeshift table and chair set up, during busy lunch hour, instead of us having to wait. Brownie points for that gesture.

What's On The Menu?

If you are looking for a hearty, one-bowl meal, then look no further than the Pho section. The signature Vietnames noodle soup comes in a Chicken and Beef version here. Our chicken pho was a tangy, soupy and all things good with flat noodles and chicken pieces, but honestly, we realised into two spoons, that only slivers beef doth maketh a pho and not any lean chicken. The pho really needed some beef to add that spunk and flavour to it. But we must say that the portion was so generous that we took a doggy bag home.

Saigon Street Style

Though they offers rice paper rolls and Vietnamese pancakes, we’d say if you are looking at getting yourself a light, but filling meal, go for their Banh Mi aka Vietnamese Sub sandwiches. Inside a crusty French baguette {a French influence}  is stuffed pate {tofu, chicken, pork or beef} along with cold cuts, pickled veggies to create a lovely sweet and savoury touch. Plus’ a glorious fried egg to top it all. Served with a sweet chilli sauce, this is a great sandwich. Currently, the eatery is also running a combo offer where you can pair a mocktail or their Vietnamese hot coffee with a Banh Mi of your choice.

The Viet Kitchen Noodles, we ordered next, were spicy and moreish stir fried noodles, but very low on the shrimp {as promised in the menu which said chicken, shrimp and egg}. But the staff was quick to take back our noodles and redo them with shrimp when we gave them feedback. Now that’s what we call good service.

You need to end your meal here with an iced coffee, done in the traditional Vietnamese style with a filter placed right on your glass filled with condensed milk and ice. You can also try the hot version. Though there is some Chinese on the menu and plethora of oversweet fizzy drinks, avoid those and have the coffee instead. You will thank us.

So, We're Thinking...

Opt for the street food {pho, sandwiches and stir fries} from Vietnam here and you will be in good hands. We are going back to try out some of their heavy duty mains {with pork or beef} soon. Until then, we will be ordering in {did we mention they also deliver in Indiranagar}. Plus, the friendly and accommodating staff have won us over for life.

Where: 225, Bhagyasri, 1st main, HAL 2nd Stage, Service Road, Indiranagar

Price: INR 1,200 for two

Contact: 080 41566008

Timings: noon-3.30pm and 7-11pm

Find them on Facebook here.


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