Check Out The Yum Delicacies Of House Of Pilaf!

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If you're looking to gorge on some really amazing middle Eastern & European cuisine, there's this really cozy little restaurant by dayanand sagar college in kumaraswamy Layout. Though newly opened, they've managed to capture the hearts of foodies with their scrumptious food. House of Pilaf, has a very filling ambience with both indoor & outdoor seating. The kitchen is extremely hygienic & maintains standards for all safety measures. All their dishes are very reasonably priced & perfect for college crowd given the taste is exquisite! Staff is very courteous & food is served quickly as well. Their pilaf is to die for! This is something very similar to our south Indian cuisine of pulavs & biriyanis although they've very well given that touch to central Asian cuisine all the while retaining the essence of Indian food. Potato cheese shots, Southern fried chicken slider, Hot and spicy wings, Chicken pilaf, Honey peanut pancake are not to miss out! They also serve some lip-smacking cool aids; Lemon iced tea, Cold coffee, Banaras mint, Shameless colada, Guava jack stand on top of the list. I had a chance to try out some of their signature dishes.

Hoisin glazed fries:

Potato in any form is appreciated, although this scrumptious fries, feel so light & scrumptious that you can't stop at one! Sautéed with hoisin, spices & seasoned with sesame seeds & spring onions, these are the best fries I've ever had! The hoisin sauce comprises fennel seeds, red chili, garlic, salt & sugar for added taste. It's similar to the iconic honey chili potato but way tastier. The authenticity of its Chinese roots is well retained in the dish & identifiable. Also, the portion is quite considerable for the price. It's totally worth the money!
Taste : 5/5

Barbeque cauliflower sliders:

Crunchy cauliflower florets sautéed in barbecue sauce to perfection & generously stuffed between fresh slices of juicy tomato & onion with a dressing of more barbecue & sweet onion sauce all power-packed between pillowy brioche buns. Every bite is a part of your mouth. That rush of all flavours combined is an epic feel to the taste buds. At extremely pocket-friendly prices, these are served two per plate although one can't get enough of these!I
Taste : 4/5
Price : 85 /-

Vegetable pilaf:

Pilaf is a rice main course that's similar to our southIndan biriyanis & palavs. Long grained noodle-like aromatic rice steam cooked with fresh carrots & French haricots with a touch of cinnamon & generously helping of butter. The pilaf retains the essence of authentic spices & the rice is extremely flavoursome. A thick yogurt kichadi is served alongside with fresh onions & coriander. A very generous proportion is served per plating.
Taste : 4/5
Price : 120 /-

Honey peanut pancake :

Light fluffy well baked mini pancakes, smeared with a generous amount of peanut butter & finally topped off with roasted peanuts & fresh smooth honey. These mini pancakes are a delight & can be gobbled up by the hundreds. Tastes good with chocolate sauce & maple syrup too.
Taste : 4.5/5
Price : 90 /-

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