#PlateIt: Make Your French Toast Fancy By Serving It In Style

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What Makes It Awesome

We love a good French Toast. It's a breakfast of champions and one which we can keep eating all day, every day. We picked up our go-to French Toast recipe and switched it up with some indulgence and wow factor. The wow factor is courtesy this brand Stylish Delights, which has really fancy and gorgeous tableware, homeware, and serveware for you to buy. We are using this beautiful black plate with golden accents to serve up our French Toast. 

Ingredients for one portion of French Toast:

- Day-old two thick bread slices (we've used shokupan from Shokupan Bakery, a Bangalore-based hyperlocal home bakery)

- One whole egg

- Half a cup of milk

- 8 drops of vanilla bourbon essence

- 30g cinnamon powder 

- 50g butter

 - 20g sugar


- 30g wild honey from Sakkath, a Bangalore-based condiment brand that sources produce from Kodagu, Karnataka

- Blueberries

- Sweet lime pieces

- Mint leaves 

- Combine the egg, milk, vanilla bourbon essence, cinnamon, and sugar and them well. 

- Dunk the bread slices one by one and let it soak up the egg mix.

- In a grill pan, melt the butter and grill the bread slices one by one till it's grilled 

- Serve it hot on a plate and add your toppings before finishing off with the wild honey. 



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