#PlateIt: This Homemade Ravioli Is Our Way Of Dreaming Of An Italian Vacation

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What Makes It Awesome

We are suckers for all kinds of pasta and one of our favourites is the ravioli. For all you folks who are experimenting in their kitchen and always looking for new recipes to try out, we give you Burnt Butter Lemon-Garlic Ravioli. It's an easy recipe that should take about two hours in total to make. Of course, once you are done making it, be sure to plate it in a pretty bowl like the one we are using from one of our favourite ceramic and tableware brands, Ellementry


For making ravioli:

- 150g of durum wheat semolina

- 50 ml lukewarm water

- 10 ml olive oil

- Salt for seasoning

- Combine salt, water and the flour and mix well and knead until you get a soft and easy-to-work-with dough. You can add 5 ml of olive oil to make it easy for you to knead. Once you are done, let the dough rest covered. Roll it out into a thin sheet and divide it length-wise when you are ready with the stuffing.   

For stuffing:

- Cooked spinach & basil

- 100 g of ricotta

- 20g walnuts

- Salt for seasoning

-- Cook spinach and basil in olive oil until all the water is removed. Let it cool and then add walnuts and ricotta and you can either blend it into a fine paste or chop up everything fine for a nice texture. 

- Depending on how much stuffing you want, add a scoop of the stuffing to the pasta sheet. Cover with the other pasta sheet and gently shape it before cutting it. 

- Since this is fresh homemade pasta, you can cook this in a minute and a half in boiling water. Drain and dry once the pasta is cooked. 

For the sauce:

- 20 ml lemon juice

- 50 g unsalted butter

 - 5 ml olive oil

- Chopped garlic

- Capers

- Heat olive oil in a pan before adding the butter. Make sure you’re doing this on low flame because you don’t want to burn it at the beginning.

- Once you get that nice olive-buttery smell, add in the garlic and let it cook for a minute and a half.

- Add the capers and cook for another half a minute. Add some pasta water to adjust the consistency of the sauce.

- Stir and turn up the heat high so that the butter and garlic start getting burned.

- Switch off and add to the pasta.

- Top it off with some fresh mint leaves and parmesan cheese. 



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