Plated In RMV Is A Charming Bistro That Blends Europe, Local Ingredients, Maggi And 80s Music

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A charming little cafe in RMV 2nd Stage, Plated Bistro is where you could go for quiet time with your pet and bae, and what they call Slow Food. Oh, plus all day breakfast. 

Chow Down

The Bohemian, Lamb Shank, Goat Cheese & Mushroom Tartlet

Sip On

Kiwi, pineapple and cucumber juice, cold coffee, Nutella Chocolate Shake

Lowdown On The Ambience

A restored bungalow on the bustling 80 Feet Road in RMV, 2nd Stage, Plated is mostly made up of wood, metal, white and blue. There are a few tables outside, under an awning giving it a warm look — perfect to watch the rains during monsoon, and breezy enough for summer time. Inside, the distressed wood walls have word doodles and drawings, that sets the tone for a casual evening. Pick from high tables and regular seating. The tables are rather small, and a bit too close for comfort. Music is 70s, 80s and 90s rock and old-school — perfect to fill in the blank space between conversation without hampering chatter.

Winning For...

Apart from being a very cute space, it’s the first bistro in the area. Hurrah for different food!

Bistro Vibes

While you’ll be spoiled for choice in the New BEL Road area, a bistro is something missing in the food skyline. Smartly, Balaji Hariharan and his business partner Aditya Atreya, dived in to fill that gap, and now you have Plated. Don’t go here expecting to hustle through your meal; they clearly say they’re a slow food restaurant. We went one rainy Friday, and settled in, and immediately started off with the Goat Cheese & Mushroom Tartlet. The tart shell was large, and the mushroom and cheese got a bit lost in it — but the goat cheese does shine through for its distinctly tart and earthy flavour. The Chips & Dip is another great option for sharing as it comes with hand-cut chips, wedges and nachos with sour cream, salsa and refried beans. 

They have an interesting selection of beverages that include smoothies, fresh juices, and milkshakes. We picked Cold Coffee — strong, flavourful, and thankfully blended with ice cream and not chunks of ice, and a Kiwi, Pineapple And Cucumber juice which was refreshing and devoid of calories. 

Soul Food

Slightly in conflict with the healthy eating concept, the mains are hearty and comfort food. We picked the Carbonara and a massive burger. Unfortunately, the menu has a Carbonara with ‘chicken ham’, so in the name of real Carbonara, bacon was added {at a cost}. Made from bucatini, this Carbonara was a tad too creamy, and a little low on salt. Adding pepper and salt made it better, though it was still too much {maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all the Parmesan}, and had to be doggy-bagged. Maybe skip this, if you’re particular about Carbonara. The Bohemian Burger was a real treat with pulled chicken in a smoky barbecue sauce making up the meat between buttered buns. It arrived with wedges and onion rings too, to add to the indulgence. 

We also sampled the Fish ‘n’ Chips {before it was on the menu} and it was yum. Make sure you have it when you go if it’s on the menu officially by then. If you think we are gluttons for this, then you’re right. Because a blueberry cheesecake followed, and we loaded up on that too. The blueberries seemed fresh and it was tasty, albeit the cheesecake tasted a bit synthetic.

If you’re looking for a breakfast, all day, these guys serve up waffles, pancakes, eggs to order, and Maggi {at only INR 30!} too. 

So, We're Thinking...

We do love the ambience of the place, and there are a few dishes like the Lamb Shank in red wine jus and Bannur Lamb Curry with Ragi Crepe which we’re waiting to try.


They are also pet-friendly, so don’t leave the pooch behind. And their portions are large. You have been warned!


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