Play And Connect With Fellow Sporty Folks In Bangalore With This App

    Sreepathy posted on 08 March


    Finding someone to play badminton with or football field to play has become easier thanks to Playo. And the best part is, you can even find like-minded sports enthusiasts to play and connect with as well.

    Play, Connect, Repeat

    I’ve been meaning to play badminton with a couple of my friends for the last month or so but that’s not been happening due to our busy schedule. For me, if I can find someone regular to badminton, football or even tennis with I’m sorted. Well, that’s when a friend of my referred me, Playo. It’s been about two hours since I downloaded the user-friendly app and I’m already going for a game of badminton with a bunch of guys I met through the app. To say the least, I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

    Meet And Play

    I like the app mainly because it’s easy to navigate through its four sections — Meet, Book, Explore, and Account. It took a while to figure out each section, but once I got a hang of it, I was acing it.  If you are like me, that’s stranded without a badminton partner or a team to play football with, the Meet section comes to the rescue. From football to squash, there are people hosting events across Bangalore and by simply sending a request along with your skill level {Beginner to Professional} you can join the event. Turns out, you can even host an event as well.

    Find Your Turf

    For those of you who play regularly or are finding it difficult to find a suitable venue, the Book section caters to all your needs. You can simply browse through the venues available and choose the one that fits your budget and location. I found that popular arenas such as PlayMania {Bellandur} and Magnum Arena {Sarjapur} are listed as well. These ground are popular for their football pitches.

    Learn The Game

    I feel that the Explore section is an added bonus. In case you are considering taking up a sport or something fitness related, you’ll be able to find there are classes and workshops that suit your requirement. I found a football fitness workout activity for adults. Also, you can book tickets to sports events around Bangalore.

    You can download the Android app, the iOS app or even the Windows App and start playing or finding new people to play sports with.

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