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Pockets And Bowls' Khaosoi Kits Make Better Party Packs Than Individual Portions


Pockets and Bowls offers DIY khaosoi or falafel kits for you to pick up and eat at home. But the pick up process is tedious and it is wiser to order big quantities for a party rather than individual portions.

Order, Order

We were really impressed with Pockets And Bowls catering menu which includes everything from fancy Vietnamese to good ol’ Indian dishes and lots of nibbles, dips and small eats. Plus, they have recently started selling their DIY kits at city flea markets. But what caught our fancy was their Burmese khaosoi kits. All you are required to do is to assemble the broth with the condiments and eat. A call to them made us realise that there was no way get these kits delivered to us in Indiranagar {the company is Koramangala based}.

Size Does Matter

A colleague’s brainwave made us decide to order in the khaosoi through the local concierge app Dunzo. We sent off the Dunzo folks to pick up the kit on a day when Pockets and Bowls had a stall at a flea market at JW Marriott, Vittal Mallya Road. First we had to organise a delivery through Dunzo {INR 60}, then when the kit arrived, it set us back by a cool INR 650. Well, we were ready to live with it, only to realise that the khaosoi broth wasn’t enough for even two people. The DIY kit came neatly packed in a plastic box with broth, noodles and bunch of condiments such as shredded cabbage and boiled channa {never seen those in a khaosoi before}, fried garlic and onions, fried noodles and green onions. The broth, packed with peppers, tomatoes and baby corn, itself was nice but was alas a vegetarian version {for that price, we would have expected chicken at least}.

So, We're Thinking...

It might make sense to order in khaosoi from Pockets and Bowls if you are a large group. They do have kits suited to minimum 10 people for INR 2,100. They also do Falafel kits for a similar group and prices.

Price: INR 650 for vegetarian khaosoi kit

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