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Waffles Or Death By Chocolate: This Ice Cream Parlour Is Back With Version 2.0

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Remember Polar Bear ice creams {usually 36 flavours!} and sundaes ranging from Death By Chocolate to Fruity Zest? Well, they’re coming to JP Nagar in an all new avatar.

What Is It?

How many times have you stopped on the highway en route Hyderabad or even Mysore because that icy cool Polar Bear lured you in? If you’re like me and my family, then it’s practically everytime! And now, the brand is coming out with a new look and feel, 2.0, if you will. Since they have their own ice cream making plant, apparently seasonal flavours like mango and litchee, will be on the cards. I’m even hoping for proper orange or even musk melon.

Who Is It For?

You might be hooked to the older flavours, and don’t worry, those will still be there. But when there’s edgy and experimental twists to classic like Tiramisu and fudge, then maybe leave behind the oldies goldies for a bit.

What Is The Ambience Like?

Cheerful and colourful, it’s like an old-school ice cream parlour. Some Pop Tates vibes coming from this 2.0 version.

Must Eat

Ice cream pizzas, waffles and crepes. Apart from other sundaes, either oozing chocolate of a bit fruity for something light.

More About The Experience

This new version opens on May 29. Time to experiment with new textures, flavours and hopefully they will deliver on all counts.