Colourful Yarn, DIY Jewellery, & Craft Kits: This Store's A Hobby Lover’s Heaven

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What Makes It Awesome

A charming, little DIY heaven on Cunningham Road, the Pony Craft Store stocks up on toy kits, soft yarns, and jewellery essentials. It’s perfect for all those mommy/daddy-kiddy projects.One of the best-known knitting and sewing accessory brands in the country, Pony is a favourite with every DIYer. Their store in the Nilgiris is well known and is now in our very Bangalore. After opening a store in Jayanagar, last year, the Pony Craft Store is now part of the Hatworks Boulevard complex on Cunningham Road.

The store is compact but you’ll find plenty that makes you happy. One section is dedicated to gorgeous yarns that are perfect for making everything from knitwear to toys and home decor. They also stock equally colourful cotton yarns that can be used for crocheting. All around the yarn, there are are rows of needles and knick-knacks.

The other end is stocked with all the fun stuff you need if you are taking baby steps into the world of DIY or if you are teaming up with your little one for a project. There’s a wall dedicated to craft kits that you can use to make pom pom spiders, stuffed toys, crochet cupcakes, and felt bookmarks. You can also source beads for jewellery, ribbons and adorable buttons here.


 Covid-19 Update: The Pony Craft Store at Cunningham road is now open. You can also shop on their website that ships across the country. Orders however are only being dispatched twice a week so they may reach you late.


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